Photo set - Mont Valier

A snowy adventure

In 2015, I was explaining on this blog how I was always carrying my Minox 35 in my pocket, ready to capture the instant. In November, as the first snow was falling on the Pyrenees, I left Paris and went with my brother and a friend of mine to climb mount Valier. As I knew I would suffer from exhaustion, I chose not to take any camera but my Minox. It was a wise decision since the temperature dropped during the night under -15°C (5°F) and we spent most of the time under a heavy snow storm. I finally developed the roll this weekend and printed the few pictures I took from the hike.

A new/old paper: Adox MCP 310

For that, I used a paper I never used before: the Adox MCP 310, the Agfa Multicontrast Classic successor. These are tiny reading prints (5 x 7.5 cm / 2 x 3 inches) to try the paper out, but I was so impressed by its warmth and depth that I chose to share the results.

Adox MCP 310Adox MCP 310Adox MCP 310Adox MCP 310 Adox MCP 310

Mount Valier, Minox 35MB – Color Minotar 35mm, Rollei RPX100 at Box speed, developed in Pyrocat HD, printed on Adox MCP 310

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