Minox 35

Workshop - Minox 35

Minox 35: Size does not matter When I was in high school, my father brought me a funny camera from his travels to Ukraine. It was a Kiev 35A, an almost perfect copy of the Minox 35 GT. It was manufactured by Arsenal in Kiev, along amazing lenses and copies; but this is a whole […]

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Workshop - Underexposing XP2 on an Ilford disposable camera

An amazing community Quarantine hit in March 2020. Not long after, I started to contribute to an analog photography zine launched by a few dedicated Twitter users: The Quarantine Zine. Every month, the team picked a theme. Anybody could submit a photo and a caption. Those contributing received a printed version by mail. Holding this […]

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Photo set - Quarantine Postcards

Dear parents… It is Easter time. We had planned to go to the mountains to celebrate my mother’s birthday. The whole family would have reunited once again from France and Belgium at the Franco-Spanish border, like a seasonal migration. We would have gone on a hike, along a winding path, protected from the sun by […]

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Recipe - A cup of PC-TEA

Four years ago, I drafted a post about PC-TEA, a pretty confidential developer created by Pat Gainier that I tried to reproduce from his website. Since then, I used it several times, mainly for contact sheets, and forgot about it.  Lately, I have been once again researching a cheap, reliable, and more eco-friendly developer than […]

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Nikon F4

Workshop - Nikon F4: The 1988 workhorse

Nikon F4: heavy duty In 2019, my grand father passed away. Back at my parents’ house, my father set all the cameras my grandfather owned on a table. From Leicas to Rolleiflex, the selection was quite remarkable. At the end of the table throned a bulky monster: the Nikon F4. I immediately developed an aversion […]

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Blog Killmayer 5 years

Workshop - Blog: 5 years of experimentation

5 years already! 5 years ago, I started a blog. My first post what about the Minox 35. What better homage is there than using a photograph taken by this very camera last year to celebrate this birthday? Since 2015, I have been experimenting new chemicals, repairing old cameras and testing new films and paper. […]

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Thailand Voigtlander Bessa

Photo set - A weekend in Bangkok

48h in Bangkok, Thaïland… It was back in India, on a Monday in February. We were just back from Malaysia, and not even two hours after arriving at work, already depressed by a long week ahead, we impulsively booked plane tickets to Thailand for the next weekend. A direct flight landing in Bangkok on Saturday […]

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Prints from India

Photo set - Printing India in the bathroom

Back to reality After the other weekend, and the gratifying experience I described in the previous post of printing in a professional darkroom, I was quite done with spending hours on my knees in my bathroom. However, considering the terrible weather, I decided to still give it a try, at least for a few prints. The first […]

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Workshop - Zorki 1: Story of a carbon copy

The Story Is it a Leica? Close enough. This is a Zorki 1 type e. This camera, produced between 1950 and 1956, was, at the very beginning, attempting to copy the Leica II in order to offer the Soviet people a cheap, reliable and luxurious camera. The intent to reproduce the Leica is evidenced by the first models […]

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Workshop - Family Connection on the Ilford Photo blog

I had the honor to be featured on the ILFORD Photo blog. I have been using their films, papers and chemicals for quite a long time, and I am glad to see they do have a strong presence online and on social media. I wish that every 137 years old company could benefit from such a strong […]

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