Thailand Voigtlander Bessa

Photo set - A weekend in Bangkok

48h in Bangkok, Thaïland… It was back in India, on a Monday in February. We were just back from Malaysia, and not even two hours after arriving at work, already depressed by a long week ahead, we impulsively booked plane tickets to Thailand for the next weekend. A direct flight landing in Bangkok on Saturday […]

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Prints from India

Photo set - Printing India in the bathroom

Back to reality After the other weekend, and the gratifying experience I described in the previous post of printing in a professional darkroom, I was quite done with spending hours on my knees in my bathroom. However, considering the terrible weather, I decided to still give it a try, at least for a few prints. The first […]

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Workshop - Rodenstock large format camera

For an upcoming project — Do not worry, I will keep you informed —, I acquired a view camera for forty euros on eBay. No brand, no logo. It comes with 6 glass-plates holders. That is all the seller’s description contained. When I unpacked it, I expected to discover, under the protection paper, a stack of […]

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