Photo set - Quarantine Postcards

Dear parents… It is Easter time. We had planned to go to the mountains to celebrate my mother’s birthday. The whole family would have reunited once again from France and Belgium at the Franco-Spanish border, like a seasonal migration. We would have gone on a hike, along a winding path, protected from the sun by […]

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Thailand Voigtlander Bessa

Photo set - A weekend in Bangkok

48h in Bangkok, Thaïland… It was back in India, on a Monday in February. We were just back from Malaysia, and not even two hours after arriving at work, already depressed by a long week ahead, we impulsively booked plane tickets to Thailand for the next weekend. A direct flight landing in Bangkok on Saturday […]

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Prints from India

Photo set - Printing India in the bathroom

Back to reality After the other weekend, and the gratifying experience I described in the previous post of printing in a professional darkroom, I was quite done with spending hours on my knees in my bathroom. However, considering the terrible weather, I decided to still give it a try, at least for a few prints. The first […]

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Photo set - The Cliff

2010, on a Saturday evening. We drove, two friends and me, to the Petit Minou lighthouse, at the end of Brest Harbor, in Brittany. After that, we went separate ways. But the lighthouse, the waves and the cloudy sky were the beginning of it all. Nikon FM3A , Nikkor 180mm – Rollei ATP1.1

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