Photo set - A weekend in Bangkok

48h in Bangkok, Thaïland…

It was back in India, on a Monday in February. We were just back from Malaysia, and not even two hours after arriving at work, already depressed by a long week ahead, we impulsively booked plane tickets to Thailand for the next weekend. A direct flight landing in Bangkok on Saturday around 5am and leaving at 8pm on Sunday. A short and intense time that was used wisely for a fun and hot weekend. As usual, I carried around my Voigtlanter Bessa and brought back with me one exposed roll of film, which sat quietly in the camera until last week.

…for 14 shots

Photos taken in February 2017 in and around Bangkok, Thaïland. Camera: Voigtlander Bessa R with Color-Skopar 35mm and Jupiter 50. Film: Maco direct Rollei RPX 100. Processed in Pyrocat HD. Scans are from the negatives.

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